Maxi-Bolt Application - Can Forming Equipment

Problem: A 30,000 lb. capacity ASC uncoiler was moving more than the 0.030" allowable tolerance.

Solution: Install 1" Maxi-Bolts during a routine die change in the cuppers.

Can companies have machines called cuppers, body makers and uncoilers that are under continuous vibratory loading. This loading puts a tremendous strain on the anchors holding these machines down. Many different anchors and anchoring methods were tried, but all failed until the Maxi-Bolt was used. Once they used the Maxi-Bolt at one location, the good news traveled fast and all the other locations started using Maxi-Bolts as well. When you want an anchor that has a minimal amount of displacement and can carry a large load, even under sustained cyclic loading, the Maxi-Bolt is the right anchor for you.



Owner: Metal Container Corp.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida.

Installer: Metal Container Corp./Drillco Devices.

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