Drillco Hydraulic Saw

Drillco introduces the new 20" hand held-hydralic saw to maximize productivity and minimize cost over a conventional gas machine. The hand-held hydralic saw has a light-weight, all aluminum frame saw.

The typical maximum cutting depth for a 20" blade is 8". For a 16" blade the typical cutting depth is 6". Dimensions of a 20" hydralic saw are as follows: 25" long, 9" wide (includes the hydraulic motor) and 14" high (the guard itself is 1 3/4" wide).

The conventional power rating is 12gpm at 2,000 psi (conventional power pack). The hydralic saw runs at 3600rpm at idle and, when running, is equilivent to 14HP.

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Hydraulic Handsaws

This upcut saw is available in 16, 20 and 24 blade sizes and in standard and flushcut combo models, 12 gpm motor, 36" long hydraulic hose leads with male and female quick disconnects.

Key features include:

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